Damian Weber
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Damian Weber
Lehrveranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2017/18
Modul Semester Studiengang
Informatik 1 1 KIB
Cryptography Engineering 1 KIM, PIM
Projekt Kryptographie 1 oder 3 KIM, PIM

2018/03Fußgängerin in Arizona von autonomem Fahrzeug tödlich verletzt[]
2018/03Facebook: Cambridge Analytica und Datenmissbrauch von 50 Mio Usern[] []
2018/03Samba-Sicherheitslücke: Benutzer können Passwörter anderer Benutzer ändern[]

        Patrick on cryptography mailing list, 01 Mar 2018

	The people at the SEC need to understand that just because a
	blockchain currency is based on the cryptographic operations
	of hashing and signing, denoting that class of currencies by
	the root word "crypto" is unwarranted.  Henceforth they
	should use the term "public ledger," even though it's not
	nearly as cool, concise, and scary as "crypto."

	(SEC=Securities and Exchange Commission in US)
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