Damian Weber
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Damian Weber
Lehrveranstaltungen im Wintersemester 2015/16
Modul Semester Studiengang
Informatik 1 1 KIB
Sicherheit und Kryptographie 1 KIM, PIM
Architektur verteilter Anwendungen 1 KIM, PIM

2016/02Privatsphäre vs. Handlungsfreiheit von Drohnenfliegern[]
2016/02GPS Time: für 12 Stunden falscher Broadcast (Fehler:13 Mikrosekunden)[]
2016/02Vom sicheren Hafen zum Schutzschild: EU-US-Privacy Shield[]

John Gilmore, 07.02.2016 on cryptography mailing list
In general, Firefox maintainers seem to take the attitude
that it's OK if Google, Facebook, and NSA can track you
everywhere you go on the web.  

Fixing that seems much less important to them than making
sure that every website everywhere always works the way the
third-party designers intended -- even when the designers
were malevolent (or merely ignorant and manipulated by one
of the big tracking companies).  

Extensions that plug into Firefox, like NoScript, Cookie
Monster, Privacy Badger, Request Policy, RefControl, etc,
are willing to break some web sites in return for giving the
*end user* control over who is tracking them.

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